Why allergy? Are your patients being treated for it?

One of the most overlooked treatments in America today happens to be Allergy. You may know what allergy is, and what effect it may have on your patient. However let’s take a look at the impact that it can have on your practice as well.


Allergy is not properly diagnosed


That is correct, less than 1% if not, lower is not being properly diagnosed. You may wonder why when they have tools like the shots and the over the counter drugs. These do not fix the problem for your patients, They only mask them. See among the multiple reasons that people turn to these fixes is because it’s convenient to get to, and doesn’t require insurance or an appointment. Yet when it stops working, or when the case gets too severe, then it’s off to the hospital where they will give stronger drugs or a temp fix.


In other cases the allergy may be detected when the patient is aware of their allergy, and then your practice may refer them out to a specialist, which in some cases is in a metropolitan area. Some may make that drive while others may just dismiss it. All the while you are potentially loosing that patient to someone else that can give other referrals or maybe they just don’t like the care.


Which is is why we are here to help solve this dilemma, to help answer the question “what if we had a closer referral” hmm. Better yet what if you can do it yourself right? I bet most doctors have already asked this and got hit with the next problem.


Equipment and specialist are costly


Even if you have a good connection to partner up, it will cost you an substantial amount in your first year, practically destroying your bottom line and making it hard to maintain. Plus you have to make your patients aware so that they can be properly tested.


There is a huge benefit to having a closer allergy specialist to refer your patients out but how likely or reliable are they? In some cases, a bad specialist can rob you of your reputation and the patient will feel frustrated with this result. Once again good ones are out there but they are in larger cities, and could be jam packed since it’s on a 6:1 ratio, causing a greater headache for your patient.

Now what if there was a way to get a reliable specialist in your practice that can help you get the care that you need? What would separate that from having a good one down the street or better yet in another zip code?


Most specialized clinics don’t test properly

Thats right and you may already know this but most allergy centers are not conducting proper testing to give your patients what they need. Some of these centers do but they are hard to find, and if you call them they will more than likely say yes to all things allergy related, but sadly this isn’t true.


Now if you had your own allergy specialist to give effective test to treat your patients properly, not only would you have satisfied clients but you can acquire more since the community you treat would be buzzing with the news. Now you may wonder how much all this may cost but…


There is no capital cost to your practice


You would have to be qualified first, To find out more just give us a call or


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