Web Based Document Management System – Reasons Why You Need Online Document Management

Web Based Document Management System – Reasons Why You Need Online Document Management

Soon, filing away thousands of paper documents in file cabinets that take up all of your office space will be a thing of the past! The primary reason for this is web-based document management systems. You can use online document management software to replace your bulky filing cabinets and to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, decrease costs, get your business more organized, and so much more.

What is Online Document Management Software?

Basically, a web based document management system is a way for teams/businesses to digitally share, store, and edit documents. In order to increase productivity and decrease costs, more and more businesses are turning to this type of document management. In addition, there’s a push by the lawmakers in the United States and the UK to require that files/documents be stored digitally instead of on paper- and in many areas, these regulations are already in place.

For example, most medical facilities are now storing both traditional paper copies and digital copies of their files in an effort to eventually make the move to paperless in the future. The reason is pretty simple: storing/sharing documents digitally is much safer and protects information from being accessed by unauthorized users through several security layers. In addition, it’s an eco-friendly solution because it reduces paper waste.

Types of Online Document Management Software

There are 2 types of online document management software:

  • Application Service Provider (ASP): online solution, hosted remotely by a service provider.
  • Client-Server Hosted: controlled on computers in the office

Both of these solutions have some significant advantages, but many more businesses are opting for ASP management software of client-server hosted because ASP is able to add an addition layer of security to protect the data because the provider has a staff of IT techs and advanced security measures that outweigh client-server options.

In addition, when you use ASP, your information can be accessed from anywhere there is access to the internet.

7 Reasons to Consider Online Management Software

There are many benefits of online document management software that will help your company reach new levels of success. Here are 7 reasons you should consider obtaining online document management software for your business.

Quick/Easy Online Collaboration/Sharing

Being able to quickly and easily share documents in an online collaborative workspace is a priceless tool for all businesses. Being able to view, edit, and share documents digitally can speed up workflow and allows your employees to share/send/receive data in much less time than it would take to do the same with paper documents. Online document management software makes the sharing /collaboration process much easier- which leads us right to our next benefit: increase in productivity and efficiency

Increased Productivity/Efficiency

Since manipulating and sharing documents through an online management system takes much less time than sharing physical documents, productivity and efficiency will be increased as well. Your employees won’t be wasting their time searching for documents in a maze of file cabinets- which means they’ll have much more time to get work done, so efficiency is increased. When you are using document management software, all of the documents/data are kept in one place, making them all available from any computer where you have internet access.

Documents/Data is Secure

A good document management software has several security layers to make sure that your company’s personal data is kept secure. After all, the software company has a full time IT team and plenty of security features, making it one of the most secure options available to your company. In fact, in many cases, it may actually be more secure than storing your documents/data locally. Plus, you can be sure data is protected from power outages or server crashes because there will be backup measures in place to protect against these failures.

Past & Present Data Easy to Access

When it comes to comparing the “old” way of storing documents/data with the “new” way, there’s no comparison at all. Being able to store them digitally in one central area is a much better option. By using the built-in search function of the software, you can access any file you could ever need within a few seconds versus having to search through thousands of folders to find it. Once you have found the file, the process of making any necessary edits and then sharing the file with other members of the team is streamlined.

Reduction of Paper Costs (Eco-Friendly)

In an office environment, where documents are constantly being used in some way, paper costs can add up pretty quickly. Therefore, reducing these costs by switching to a web based document management system can help save money.

According to one survey, a company that has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million can potentially save $40,000 every year by switching to a digital filing system. This is because they’re not only saving money on paper, they’re saving money on ink/toner, storage, paper waste removal, printer maintenance, and more. In addition to saving money, a paperless company is much more eco-friendly.

Data is Portable- Can be Accessed Anywhere

An online document management system allows you to carry all of your files with you at all times. In the past, it would be impossible to carry all those files when you were away from the office or on a business trip. However, since you can easily access the entire company’s database of files through the internet, you don’t need to carry all those paper files with you. Digitally storing files means that you can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and still be able to connect and collaborate with co-workers when you’re away from the office.

Direct & Indirect Savings

The savings benefit of a web based document management system is direct and indirect. We have already mentioned that going paperless saves money on paper and all printing related areas. However, there are also other ways that you can cut costs by going entirely paperless.

For example, if you are working in a law firm or other company that goes through a lot of paper, and your employees are spending around an hour each day filing papers, looking for papers, and walking to and from the records room. This adds up to around 250 hours every year. If you are paying your employee $20/hour, that’s $5,000 per year that you could eliminate simply by going digital.

Therefore, there are lots of benefits to web based document management systems when compared to traditional methods. Overall, this will save you money, eliminate the need for bulky cabinets, increase productivity, and make your company green.

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